Bake my day!

Just... to please.

"Faultier-Tatzen", 150g
Classic shortbread pastry
with dark chocolate (15%)

"Flamingo-Herzen", 200g
Heart-shaped shortbread
with pink icing (25%) 

Softies, 190g
Soft cookies with lemon icing

Hearties, 160g
Butter marble cookies

Pinkies, 125g
Vanilla almond cups

Bake my day Softies, Hearties, Pinkies

Dolciamo Biscotti

Under the motto "Bake my day by Schulte" we are offering the three products "Softies" – Soft cookies with lemon icing (190g), "Hearties" – Butter marble cookies (160g), and "Pinkies" – Vanilla almond Cups (125g).
The "Bake my day" biscuits are perfect as a small gift.

Standard Pastry

Bake my day
Bake my Day