Certified production processes

Maintaining the traditional handicraft manufacturing process is the main concern of the managing directors.

Especially the taste developing procedures in the handicraft production process are kept
 with modern production lines. This is for example a gentle dough preparation with adherence 
of resting periods for taste development. Balanced cooking, roasting, and baking processes are
 corresponding to the traditional handicraft and leading gently to premium baking results.

IFS – International Featured Standard

The company Schulte participates in the program of unannounced IFS audits. The International Featured
 Standard (IFS) Food is an international recognized quality standard for food with the focus
 on food safety.

It contains a uniform rating system and is carried out only by specialized auditors. According to the measure of the IFS Food can be verified if a manufacturer is able to produce a safe product continuously which corresponds to the specifications as well as to the legal requirements. The issued certificate confirms that the corporation fulfills the requirements 
of the IFS Food.