To take responsibility for the future as a firm, employer, and as part of the community -
Here we respect the quality of our products as well as sustainable cultivation of the raw
materials. Thereby we contribute that you can enjoy our delicious pastry with a good conscience.

Sustainability in the Cocoa Sector

Cocoa is an important raw material for many of our pastries. As a member of the “Bundesverband der Deutschen Süßwarenindustrie e.V.“ (BDSI) we are committed to improve conditions of the cocoa producers in the cultivation countries by promoting a sustainable cultivation of cocoa.

The initiative of the BDSI is also committed to the formation of cooperatives, for Farmer Field schools, school support programs, and projects to improve health care.

Fairtrade Certification

Fairtrade is the best known institution for setting standards for fair trade in Germany. For small-scale producers these standards mean especially stable minimum prices and premiums for community projects as well as environmentally-friendly cultivation.

The company Schulte fulfills the requirements of the Fairtrade standards for traders and cocoa for small-scale producers as well as the FLOCERT trade certification and therefore received the corresponding certificate in February 2016.

Rainforest Alliance

Since 27.03.2013, the UTZ certification for the Schulte company has been successfully carried out on a regular basis. After the merger of UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, the first certification according to the Rainforest Alliance Standard took place on 28.10.2022.

The Rainforest Alliance audits farms and companies on the basis of ecological, economic and social criteria and focuses on the four closely interrelated topics - forests, climate, living conditions and human rights - which are crucial for global sustainability. This ensures better working conditions and farming methods, environmental protection and provision for future generations.

RSPO Certification

The Schulte company has been certified since 2013.

Like this Schulte provides another value step in supporting sustainable cultivation methods for palm oil and thus limiting environmental damage.

Organic Certification

The inspections, carried out at least once a year, include the inspection, the purchase, and sale of equipment and products (goods flow control), and storage as well as preparation and processing of products. This ensures that the company complies with the basic principles of organic farming, as defined in the EC eco regulations, as well as the special processing and labelling regulations.

When the requirements are met, the company may label the products with reference to organic cultivation with the official organic label.

We provide training

In order to meet the shortage of skilled workers, the company Schulte has expanded its training program with several training courses over the last few years. Besides industrial management assistants and confectionery technologists, the company Schulte offers new job training for the jobs of information technology and warehouse logistics. In corporation with the company Elektro Handing GmbH & Co. KG, Schulte offers also new job training for electronic technician.

Recently the company Schulte presented its training program to numerous interested pupils and parents at the 12th job fair in Rietberg. There are also several introductory courses offered each year within the Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day (this year on the 27th of April).

You can find our actual job training offer in the section "Karriere" (German only).