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Dolciamo Biscotti

Dolciamo Biscotti Schoko-Mandel, 150g
Diamond-shaped almond pastry with chocolate flavour

Dolciamo Biscotti Mandel Orange, 150g
Heart-shaped almond biscuits with slghtorange flavour

Dolciamo Biscotti Mandel Pistazie, 150g
Almond pistachio, an almond pastry in the shape of a clover leaf

Dolciamo Biscotti
Dolciamo Biscotti

Dolciamo Biscotti

In the Italian range three new pastry items got introduced under the brand "Dolciamo Biscotti":
Almond Pistachio, an almond pastry in form of a cloverleaf, refined with pistachio; Almond Orange,
an almond pastry in form of a heart with a fine orange flavour, and Chocolate Almond, an almond
pastry in rhombus shape with chocolate flavour (all trays contain 150g). Marzipan, refined with
further exquisite ingredients like persipan, pistachios and almonds, and the soft, fluffy structure
ensure the top quality of these products.