Bulk Ware

Most of our assortment is also offered as bulk ware. Please don’t hesitate to contact us
if you have any questions.

Sponge Cakes, Puff Pastries, Piped Biscuits

Sponge Cakes, 1,1kg

Butter Puff Pastry Palmiers, 1,3kg

Lemon Piped Biscuits, 2,0kg

Butter Piped Biscuits, S form, 2,0kg

Wafer items

Vanilla Chocolate Wafers, 2,3kg

Nut Nougat Wafer Rolls, 1,5kg

Biscuits for the coffee table

"Marble Thaler", 2,0kg

Butter Queen Biscuits, 2,5kg

"Orange Thaler", 2,5kg

Mini "Bulls Eyes" (Persipan), 2,5kg

Red Currant Tartlets, 2,5kg

Red Currant Tartlets
with dark chocolate
, 2,5kg

Shells with décor, 2,6kg

Mini Nut Wedges, 2,5kg

Traditional Biscuits, 1,6kg

Vanilla Crescents, 1,8kg

Apple Crumble Biscuits, 2,5kg



Biscuit and Wafer Selection w. choc., 1,5kg

Biscuit and Wafer Selection w./o. choc., 2kg

Single wrapped dessert pastries

Shortbread rings w. dark chocolate, 70 pcs.

Coconut biscuits w. dark chocolate, 70 pcs.

Big "Bulls Eyes", 60 pcs.

Nut Wedges, 45 pcs.


Bulk Ware
Bulk Ware