Seasonal Bulk Ware

We also offer most of our seasonal assortment as bulk ware.

If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Spicy Speculatius, 2,2kg

Chocolate Speculatius, 2,2kg

Butter Speculatius, 2,0kg

Butter Almond Speculatius, 2,0kg

Mini Butter Speculatius, 2,2kg


Dominos with dark chocolate, 3,0kg

Marzipan Dominos with dark chocolate
and milk chocolate décor

Dominos with milk chocolate, 3,0kg

Christmas biscuits

Spicy Stars, 2,0kg

Vanilla Crescents, 1,8kg

Coconut Macaroons
with dark chocolate bottom and
milk chocolate décor, 2,5 kg

Aniseed Biscuits, 1,5kg and 3,0kg

Cinnamon Stars, 2,9kg

Nut Stars, 2,9kg

Gingerbread Specialities

Fine gingerbread with dark chocolate, 3,0kg 

Gingerbread with fruit filling,
Cherry flavour  3,0kg 

Jamaican Gingerbread Slices, 2,0kg 

Princess Gingerbread, 2,5kg 

Praline Slices, 2,0kg 

Honey Gingerbread Almond Stars
with milk chocolate, 2,3kg 

Gingerbread with fruit bits, 1,8kg 

Mini Nut "Printen" with milk chocolate, 2,5kg 

Hearts, Stars, Pretzels Gingerbread shapes, 2,5kg 

Hazelnut Gingerbread Tartlets, 2,5kg 

Gingerbread "Christmas World"
with dark chocolate and milk
chocolate décor, 2,0 kg


Mini Printen with herbs & spices, 2,0kg 

Mini Printen with chocolate, 2,5kg 


Christmas Assortment, 2,0kg 

"Unsere Festlichen" biscuit assortment, 1,5kg 


Mini Almond Crescents, 1,5kg 

Florentines Selection, 1,25kg 

Piped Biscuits with dark chocolate, 2,0 kg 

Single wrapped items in cases

Gingerbread "Christmas World" with dark
chocolate and milk chocolate décor, 100pcs./1,3kg 

Dominos, 100pcs./1,35kg 

Cinnamon Star Cookies, 150Pkg./900g 

Single wrapped items in plastic tubs

Cinnamon Star Cookies, 8 tubs / 540g (90 pcs.) 

Honey "Printen" with milk a. dark chocolate
8 tubs / 780g (60 pcs.) 

Gingerbread "Christmas World"
with dark chocolate a. milk chocolate décor, 8 tubs / 560g (80 pcs.) 

In Buckets

Gingerbread Sundries, 2,5 kg